A Matter of Time

     The thing is our life is always related to numbers. Started by the age of 1 you must walk or even talk. by the age of 4, you must go to school, learning things and make friends. by the age of 12, you must start learning how to adjust yourself to the bigger social life. by the age of 17, you are already a big kid now, you must learn more just to get that GPA number so you can move on with your life, get on a good university then the perfect job. Even the days  has numbers on it. Your creativity, intelligence and beauty is counted by numbers if you are not on the specific category it means that you’re not normal they said. How many followers or likers do you get? how much money do you make in a month? Or just like the simplest things how heavy or tall are you? if you’re not at the specific category, people would be like crazy all over you, telling things because you shouldn’t like the way you are right now. just because of those numbers.


   in a year there’s 365 days. in a month there’s 30/31 days in it. in a week there’s 7 days. in a day there’s 24 hours. in a hour there 60 minutes and in a minute there’s 60 seconds. we only need like a matter of seconds just to make up our decisions. kids are just waiting to join the adulthood club. once you are, people will be congratulate you for being an adult then we will be start working, earn money, pay bills and stuff. i think it will be nice if i can provide myself the basic daily needs and things. i think that schools, workplace are just an action place where we waste our days and life, it will keep us alive and survive with the adulthood. finally, you can settle down in a place that you always wanted with your family. but, how about the spirits or dreams that you have while you are still a child and you spend most of your days wandering around and thought that you’re an astronaut and you have to save the earth from the big asteroid. the lava game that you always played with your friends. do you just wanna throw those dreams and hopes that you have over something you don’t like but have to do it all day?? it’s just a little message before it’s to late to do the things that you like. catch and achieve all the dreams that you have. it’s never late to do so. it’s just a matter of time that you have. but eventually, you will grow old, settle down and die too because all of us will come back to where we came from. a matter of time they said. you never know when or how things happen, you just do, you just know. they come in an unexpected ways and you have to be prepared for the things that will happen.

This is one of my late night thoughts and i feeling the need to share it. i hope it inspired you:)


Things I Learned from Being 14

Hey, my name is Tara. Now, I’m 15 years old. For me, in one year, anything can happen and people can change. So here’s the things that I learned from being 14:

  1. don’t waste your time to much on the computer. go out, observe things, do the wandering. let yourself explore your surrounds.
  2. you can eat whatever you want. it’s okay.
  3. remember that there are still good and kind people around you
  4. when you meet a person and you think that she or he can be your best friend, it’s not always like that. sometimes people just being people you know, they come and go either they are being real or fake to you.
  5. let yourself rest in the weekend. I know sometimes a week can be so tiring either it’s because of school or your personal problems
  6. cleanse your body once awhile. drink your tea, eat your greens and work out. it’s for your own good
  7. believe in yourself and your dreams
  8. it’s okay when you admire someone but don’t let yourself get to attached with him.
  9. try to always smile even though sometimes things can be so hard.
  10. try to be open-minded about things because you need to improve yourself
  11. when you cry over a boy, please don’t do it again. he is probably doesn’t even care about you
  12. Read you favourite book, listen to your favourite music more often while there’s still a time for that
  13. Take photographs of interesting things, the things that usually people forget about.
  14. remember when you’re getting older so your parents are getting older to. love them with your deepest heart and be kind to them.
  15. be nice and kind to other people, we never know what kind of things that people going through in their life
  16. sometimes it’s hard to choose a decision, think everything through first then talk about it with the closest person you have. don’t be to rush about things
  17. when you knew something is wrong, please try to reach to other people, talk to them, tell them how you really feel
  18. by the time you want to end everything because you feel so sad, depressed, lonely, and desperate.Please don’t do that. believe me there’s still like millions things to live on. when you think no one who cared about you, honestly there’s always someone who will cared about you and she/him will help you no matter what will happen.
  19. keep doing what you like to do and find your passion
  20. don’t change who you truly are just for someone else because in the end all you have is yourself
  21. Sometimes they can be so annoying, sometimes they are so kind. you can tell them everything that happen to you. they help you when things get wrong. you can talk about universe, pain, love, feelings and all of your desires. this is what you called a friend. not just someone who come to you when you’re happy but gone by the time you’re sad.
  22. “School didn’t teach you how to love yourself,they don’t teach you how to love somebody. they don’t teach you how to be famous. they don’t teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. they don’t teach you how to walk away from someone you don’t love any longer. they don’t teach you how to know what’s going on in someone else’s mind. they don’t teach you what to say to someone who’s dying. they don’t teach you anything worth knowing” -Neil Gaiman

  23. “let yourself be the person you’ve secretly always want to be” -Troye Sivan

so this is it, the things that I learned from being 14. some of this things are based on true facts that actually happen to me and some of them are the things that inspires me. some of them I learned in the hard and soft way. just like when you have a feeling for someone but sadly he doesn’t feel the same then you think all over again and again, thinking that maybe you weren’t enough for him. I think this is so wrong because I used to think like that. some of them I learned from other people. I like to observe people and things so I can get inspiration from them. things and people are beautiful in their own way.

if I could go back and tell myself what I’ve learned now; I would say to stop chasing people who would walk away without a second thought. stop chasing the thought that he will change and be better next time. stop chasing the idea that things have to be a certain way to be perfect. stop chasing the things that are over and done with. just start living for things that are real, and things will fall into place. I hope you’re feeling good and the things I learned from being 14 can inspire you

Love, Tara 🙂

Things That Can Make You Feel Better


Sometimes, I’m feeling down or bad about myself is because about things or people. I think that this kind of feelings are natural because in fact humans cannot always be happy but on other side we must always think about positive and happy things. Every people must have been feeling down or upset. So here’s some things that you can do when you are feeling down or bad:

1. Listen to your favourite songs I always feel better when I listened to some of my favourite songs and sometimes, I sing along with it. You also can dance and sing along to the happy or upbeat songs. You will feel better because you can express everything through the dance and the sing along session.

2. Remember The Memories Just remember the happy memories or some moments that you share with your family and friends.

3. Read your favourite book Try to relax with a cup of tea or a comfy sweater, just sit and start reading

4. Make yourself laugh 🙂 Open YouTube or something that usually can make your laugh. Watch your favourite movie usually helps too.

5. Do your hobbies Either it’s drawing, cooking, singing, reading or anything that make you happy and positive

6. Sleep Usually sleep helps you to forget the problems that you have in your life for a while.

7. Be more positive We know that sometimes life can be so hard, life have its upside down just like roller coaster and all you have to do is hold on so you can make it until the end.

I hope that you’re feeling happy 🙂


Golden Hour

This is an island called Biak and I called it HOME. Biak is a small island located in Cenderawasih Bay near the northern coast of Papua, an Indonesian province, and is just northwest of New Guinea. This place is where I spent most of my childhood because my grandparents lived here. Whenever there’s a holiday season, I always come back here. I felt blessed to have this in my life.

So today, I decided to watched the Golden Hour. Here is a few picture that I take




Before 6pm I already go to this place because I don’t want to miss a thing but apparently the Golden Hour already began before 6pm. I felt so happy 🙂 because I can watched the sun slowly hiding away from the world quietly, the sky turned into a beautiful mixed colours and the water was so calm that time

I hope you can enjoy this

Tara 🙂


 It’s normal right to write about friends when you  already have like 3 days left for Junior High School? So I don’t know where to start but it felt like it was just yesterday I went to Junior Highschool and being that kind of girl who would choose to be quiet instead of cheering things up. From the start, I have been seeing that a friend turns into a stranger that will go to the same class everyday as you are. The sad breakup between two people who from the start seems to love each other but they turns into strangers as well. I saw some of my friends decided to get out from our group because of something. It’s her decision, I have to respect that. The past 3 years, I still stay in the same group but the people in it will come and go like the wind. The fact that every morning I will go to school and gather around with some people who I can call as my FRIENDS, can cheer me up for the rest of the day even though math ruined my mood but it’s okay because I still can talk to my friends. I wasn’t a popular girl so I don’t have like a lot of friends, I only have a few friends and they were good to me until now. I think it’s different for being friends and being liked by the entire school. Yes, I want to be liked but being liked because of who I am instead of being liked because my parents are rich and they can afford us to go on an island to celebrate my birthday party. The society was so wrong because all you have to do is BE YOURSELF.

Spend life with the people who make you happy, not the people who you have to impress

If you have a friend who still want to hear what’s going on in your head and talk to you even though it’s already late at night. Be with you when you are feeling sad or happy. Hold on to that kind of person because it’s hard to search that kind of friend in this life. I’m glad that I have a friend like that and I hope I still can hold on her for the rest of my life. We will sing that we all in this together. It’s crazy that I can have a friend when it all starts because we liked the same thing or we hate the same person. Well, I’m glad that some of the people came across my life right now. Either they will give me a lesson or drain me because of their bad vibe.

    When you still have your best friends beside you, all I can say right now is go on make an adventure with your friends. Get lost and get mad. Take a lot of pictures that will remind you what a good time you spent with the right people. I have to tell you that some moments will not happen twice and you just have to LIVE IT & ENJOY. When I do something insane with my friends, I know that I will be alright and feeling happy when I go to bed at night because I’m with my friends 😄. Thanks for being a part of my journey and I hope we can still be like this.


Pictures from Instagram @tarakho5



“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity”

Paulo Coelho

I understand when People say something about chemistry that related to the Universe. They said that we have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins, carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains. 93% stardust, with souls made of flames, we are just stars that have people names. I think that was just beautiful by the way chemistry described it. Don’t think that you are not worth it, we all worth it. Just think that we are stars that have people names. We are so small compared to the Universe itself. It’s amazing that all of us were a part of something that’s grand, beautiful and magical.

I hope you feeling good

😊 Tara

Creating Yourself


A few months ago I read a book called “The Alchemist” written by Paulo Coelho. It was a good book and very inspiring for me. It’s about a boy named Santiago, one day he dreams of a child telling him that if he goes to the Egyptian Pyramids, he will find a treasure and then he travels to seek the treasure.

“when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

Then after I read a few chapters, this sentence came a cross my eyes. It says “when you want something. all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. I thought that was a good quote for encouragement to make a commitment to myself. For an example, I want to have a good grades, so I feel that I need to study harder than the usual. The feeling that I need to study its the universe, because it conspires in helping me to achieve the good grades through the need that I have to study harder. It’s also the same thing with how I creating myself, every thing that we learned when we were kids will be the aspects that will created ourselves like right now. for an example, you like a cartoon when you were a little boy/girl. Somehow you become obsessed with the cartoon and the music that you used to listen, it all will be a part of you until right now. Instead of feeling embarrassed you should embrace the memories of you being a child and the universe will help you to embrace it, because it’s the part of who you are and I believe that there will be someone who wants to hear about the story of yours.

To create yourself, you also need creativity and an open mind. when I say be creative, I don’t mean that you should all go and become great painters, great musicians or anything else that will consider yourself as an artist. I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life to be a poem or a music. Let yourself go with the flow but don’t get attach to it. Well, people opinions sometimes will either crush you or build you. It all will come back to yourself and you have to be good about it.

I hope this one can inspire you all

🙂 Tara

I’m Going To Tell You…..


My name is Tara and I’m a teenager with her own mind trying to figure out what she want in the future. I love to surfing the internet, taking pictures and more. It all started when my mom said something about blogging and I’m curious about it so i checked it out. I still don’t know what I’m going to write and post but give it time, I’ll figure out something. Well, i can say that it’s pretty cool for me. i feel that i need to express my mind so why not? You can tried it through music, tumblr, instagram, blogging or anything else that can make you happy for being who you are. If you want to express your mind or you want to inspire people, you don’t need those fancy blogs. It’s all about being who you are. I have goals of course, I want to inspire people with this blog through quotes, my stories, pictures, my thoughts and my feelings. Probably with some music suggestion :). I hope that people can enjoy this blog and feeling inspired